Sara Parent-Ramos

Artist Statement

The visible creation of scaffolded structures is a repeated theme in my work. I see a direct allegorical relationship between the sculptural scenarios I create and the social, biological and psychological processes that are the invisible scaffolding supporting the human body, society and mind. One of my goals as an artist is to make mental, biological and social scaffolds corporal. I invite the viewer to consider the structures that support their own bodies, outlook and social context.

My current artwork, investigates the microbiome, the wonderful and terrifyingly elusive world thriving inside and outside us. Our gut flora and fauna outnumber us, predate us, and can have a large impact on our functioning. Over the past decade, new research has emerged shedding light on the influence of bacteria on our health, mood, behavior and feelings.

Every person contains a thriving ecosystem of gut bacteria and every individual is also part of a larger community that has a diverse ecology of its own. Whether we focus on the microbiota in our stomachs or the individuals in our local community, a healthy ecosystem is one with a rich diversity of members. My most recent work explores the complex relationships that form the basis of both macro and micro ecological systems, though community engagement activities and the use of hyper-simplified sculptural forms. The result is a chaotic yet organized mapping of our relationship to ourselves and to others. I attempt to blur the boundaries between the microscopic and macroscopic in an effort to raise questions about the extent of human agency and the interconectedness of systems.

-- Sara Parent-Ramos


Born in Washington, DC to Italian/Canadian parents, Sara Parent-Ramos’s work stems from her international background and her work experience in the field of psychology and education.  Her current work explores the processes that influence human actions that are beyond conscious awareness.

Parent-Ramos graduated from the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. She has been the recipient of a Cite International des Arts, Paris Residency Fellowship and a Fulbright scholarship. She was chosen as an Emerging Artist by Ceramics Monthly in 2016 and was selected as an Emerging Artist by the National Council on Education in the Ceramic Arts in 2018. Most recently she has participated in exhibitions at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, The San Angelo Museum of Art, the San Diego Art Institute and the Oceanside Museum of Art.