Savia Mahajan

Artist Statement

I was in constant search of a new material, an intimacy with which I could express myself

A material that translated my existential inquiries of birth, death, rebirth and its thresholds.

I wanted to create works that I have lived through; the wounds, the darkness, the horrific beauty, the impermanence of life itself.

I wanted all that was resident in me to have a resonance in my practice.

I found Clay! To me it is Mass. It is a release of energy; an animistic element.

It shares the very same paradoxical qualities I was looking for, of strength and fragility, creation and destruction.

-- Savia Mahajan


Savia Mahajan began her formal artistic training in her home city of Mumbai, at the L.S. Raheja School of Art. Though she trained as a painter, since 2010, Savia’s practice began moving away from the medium of painting, towards ceramics. The transition was the result of a “relinquishing of traditional art mediums (and) a deeper inquiry about practice.” She has since, worked extensively at a local pottery studio in Mumbai, which has given her the space to experiment and develop many of her ceramic processes and techniques.

These developments in Savia’s practice resulted in “Liminal” - her first solo exhibition at TARQ in September, 2017.

Savia has participated in the Indian Ceramics Triennale, in Jaipur in August 2018

Savia currently lives and works in Mumbai.

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