Shalini Dam

Artist Statement

Through my work I’m exploring the contradictions, the dualities that lie hidden under the surface.

I use easily recognizable signs, symbols and forms and juxtapose them in a dichotomous manner to raise these questions.

How the surface and form are treated play an important role in this investigation. Cutting the surface and form is not just a physical manifestation of the urge to look beyond but also a means to subvert the sign, symbol or form.

This surface manipulation creates an optical illusion by making only part of the image visible from a particular angle, and animating the surface of clay. Thus challenging the way we see things and events in our world.

-- Shalini Dam


After a two-decade long career in advertising Shalini Dam decided to change track and did her Masters in Ceramics from Cardiff School of Art and Design, Wales, UK. She lives in a remote village in Himachal where she recently built a small studio. Over the last three years she has shown her work at Mrittika 3, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, CretaYuga, Argilla, Faenza, Italy Ex-Tempore, Zagreb, Croatia, All India Studio Potter’s Exhibition, Aifacs, Porcelain 2018, and the Visual Art Gallery, IHC, Delhi. In 2017 she was awarded the second prize at the 20th All India Studio Pottery Exhibition organized by AIFACS, Participated in Breaking Ground 2018, India’s First Ceramic Triennale and has been selected as one of the 302 artists for the GICB 2019.